Seven Commendable Benefits of Using Chamomile Essential Oil

Seven Commendable Benefits of Using Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile essential oil benefits for skin, hair and face are endless. Derived from the plant- based concentrated extracts, this chamomile oil has relaxing and soothing properties. Besides relaxing the anxious and depressed mindsets, this oil is also helpful as a medicine and aromatherapy constituent. Its anti-inflammatory and calming nature makes it a great complexion improving ingredient too. Skin issues like acne, irritation, rosacea etc., are treated well with commendable results using this chamomile essential oil.

Not only the skin issues, hair problems like dryness, excessive frizz, dandruff, hair fall etc., are also cured with proper use of chamomile essential oil. Like every other essential oil, chamomile oil is also mixed with other oils to ensure safety and commendable results. This mixing enhances the benefitting results and assures safer use as well.

What goes well with chamomile essential oil?

If you often search about what you can use with chamomile essential oil, here is your answer- Chamomile oil goes well with lavender oil, ylang-ylang, cedarwood, frankincense, patchouli and citrus Bergamot oil. The mixtures give soothing, relaxing and healing benefits to the body and soul.

For example, a few drops of chamomile oil with lavender and wild orange give a quality night sleep. Likewise, a blend of chamomile oil in a few drops of lavender and cedarwood helps gain inner peace and strength.

Similarly, numerous blends of lavender, cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouli with chamomile essential oil are used to gain physical and psychological relaxations.

Seven benefits of using chamomile essential oil-

 Chamomile essential oil benefits include skin healing, mental relaxation, soothing anxiety and depression, providing shine and lustre to your hair locks and many more. Regular application of this oil can heal chronic pains and can lighten old scars on the skin. Here is the list of some fantastic benefits of chamomile essential oil-

1. Topical uses eliminate digestion issues-

 Applying chamomile oil on the abdomen can eliminate all issues related to digestion. Research conducted in 2018 revealed that massaging chamomile essential oil on the stomach can also cure the chronic indigestion problem. Moreover, this chamomile essential oil can also heal the problems like poor appetite, bloating, acidity etc.

2. Swift healing of wounds-

Various studies related to chamomile essential oil have revealed that it can heal wounds faster when applied to the skin near the wounds. This essential oil disinfects the area and fastens up the processes of cellular regeneration. Regenerating new cells and killing the infections would enable swift healing of the wounds.

3. Induces quality sleep-

Suffering from sleep issues or disturbed sleep patterns may make your days even worse. This essential oil is diffused with other oils like lavender oil to induce quality sleep. For a peaceful and quality night sleep, you need to know what goes well with chamomile essential oil so that you can diffuse the oil ingredients and get a relaxing night sleep. Moreover, chamomile green teas are also used for solving sleep issues.

4. Speedy relief from pains-

This chamomile essential oil is also used for pain-relieving purposes. It also helps in healing chronic joint pain problems like arthritis and carpal tunnel. A timely topical application of this oil can reduce the amount of pain in a particular area. Persons suffering from chronic joint pains can apply this oil three to five times a week and get relieved from their pains.

5. Frees you from anxiety and depression-

The chamomile essential oil is enriched with soothing and relaxing properties. It does not only heal physical pains but also reduces the psychological disturbances in a person's mind. Even the psychiatrists of today are suggesting chamomile oil diffusion sessions for calming their mental health patients.

6. Cures skin flare-ups-

The chamomile essential oil benefits also include skin curing in them. This essential oil can cure all kinds of skin problems like acne, blisters, irritation, scars, etc. with regular topical treatment. Various studies have also found a positive healing effect of this oil on severe conditions like eczema, rosacea, and rashes. Dermatologists have even mentioned this chamomile oil treatment as one of the most trustworthy skin treatments.

7. Superb bedtime relaxation-

Chamomile essential oil is diffused with lavender, ylang-ylang, patchouli and many other relaxing oils to give a soothing and tranquil environment at night. Persons suffering from sleep issues, body ache at night, and other sleep disturbing problems are often advised to diffuse these oils to get a peaceful bedtime relaxation.


The chamomile essential oil has commendable benefits for skin, face, hair and mental health problems. This oil is diffused with some other beautiful oils to give safer and enhanced results. For sleep issues, skin problems, hair dryness, scalp irritations, etc., this essential oil is the best option for maximized healing.