7 Natural Tips and DIY’s You must follow for Healthy Hair

7 Natural Tips and DIY’s You must follow for Healthy Hair


Dream of getting the look displayed in advertisements and other banners? It is widespread that customers do not get the same results as were shown in videos or advertisements, and this is because they display exaggerated results only to attract customers. It is somewhat better to visit celebrity hair studios NYC to get noticeable results or try out some natural DIYs or tips to get the same.


After proper research, we have mentioned some tips and tricks which will help you achieve fantastic and healthy hair and scalp with the few washes. Scroll through the points to get the details:


Regular Washes:


It is often suggested by many natural hair care studios to wash your hair frequently. This will help you keep a clean scalp, free of dirt and dust particles. If you have dry hair, you can go for two to three washes a week, but if you have oily hair scalp, you must wash them on alternate days or in two days because oil catches dirt quickly, damaging the scalp.


Chemical Free Shampoos:


You might have often read and heard from natural hair care studios to opt for chemical-free shampoos. We have bought you the reason for the same so that you can trust the option. Environmental factors damages cannot be controlled, but shampoos can be. Fewer chemicals, healthier hair. Shampoos with high chemical quantity might lead to irritated scalp and increase the risk for hormonal disruptions


Proper Conditioner:


If you have visited the best celebrity hair studios NYC, then you must have heard from them to condition your hair properly after every wash. This is because it will help protect your hair strands from environmental aggressors and styling heat. Must, it should only be applied on tips and not on the scalp and must be rinsed off properly after the application process.


Natural Dryer:


It is recommended to limit the use of hairdryers only on special occasions, as too much heat is not suitable for the scalp and may end up in dry strands. All the natural hair care studios suggest a towel or air drying after shampoo. Also, they offer not to sleep in wet hair and not comb them, as it might lead to hair fall.


Proper Oiling:


You must oil your hair before washing them, as this will help restore the actual moisture contents, promote hair growth, and help repair split ends. Oiling and massaging before shampooing also helps improve blood circulation, boost shine, relax muscles, and nourish the hair. It is often suggested to go for lavender essential oil nyc before washing the hair for best results.


Regular Salon Visits:


Like regular body check-ups, it is also essential to have frequent and regular appointments with celebrity hair studios NYC to know your hair and scalp health. They are professionals in the same and would inform of the problem if any. Also, they would suggest the best solution for the same to treat the pain within time.


Drink More Water:


More water intake will help you keep both your body and scalp fit. Yes, natural hair care studios also suggest taking proper water intake in a day to keep your hair and scalp moisturized.




In this blog, you have discovered some points that you must try out daily to maintain your hair and scalp health. These all factors are recommended by some of the renowned hair artists at celebrity hair studios NYC. Hence, we advise our readers to go for them, which will help them achieve their dream hair or hairstyles.